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      New Zealand Electronic Text Collection

      Haere mai! Welcome to the New Zealand Electronic Text Collection - Te Pūhikotuhi o Aotearoa, part of Victoria University of Wellington Library.

      The New Zealand Electronic Text Collection comprises significant New Zealand and Pacific Island texts and materials held by Victoria University of Wellington Library. This encompasses both digitised heritage material and born-digital resources. The NZETC supports the teaching, learning and research activities at Victoria University of Wellington through: The digitisation of historical works held uniquely by the Victoria University Library with an emphasis on works created by Victoria; The support of the creation of born-digital resources created by Victoria. The texts made available on the NZETC are freely accessible to all researchers regardless of their affiliation with Victoria University of Wellington.

      If you are a post-graduate student or staff member at Victoria University and need advice or support related to digitisation, digital publication or research involving digital materials please contact Library Research Services.

      For more news from the NZETC, see the NZETC blog

      Future Additions to the Collection

      We are always working on adding new texts to the collection. Upcoming projects include:

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